2010: A Year in Outfits

Even in June I declared 2010 the best year I've experienced so far - and the subsequent months have proven this statement to be entirely true. I was determined to keep my head up, but I couldn't have anticipated anything that happened... going to New York during both Fashion Weeks, finally doing something about a two-year long secret crush (who has become a very good friend of mine), living freely, and letting my guard down. I rung 2010 in with friends, for the first time in years... the previous two, I had sat alone in my living room listening to music. I rarely mention such personal issues, but I feel that I've come a very long way and I'm finally breaking free from my longtime depression and anxiety that have plagued me since early middle school. Granted, there's still a sour day, but as a whole, this year has been nothing short of amazing. I'm glad to say I've been living my life - happiness, hurt, laughter, and tears.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia 2010 year review
January: I debuted my soon-to-be-favorite sweater and this body con rose printed dress, paired with my signature leaf necklace (which I've tragically misplaced...) and won a trip to NYC for the Chictopia 10 Conference.

February: A month later, I went to New York and had a blast. This was taken during a break in the conference. The night was followed with dinner at a cool restaurant and an after party at a hotel.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia 2010 year review
March: On an unseasonably warm March day, I broke out of my comfort zone yet again by wearing this tight dress - under a sweater, no less - and fell in love with spring all over again.

April: This spring was ridiculously nice. There was an appropriate amount of rain, and plenty of warm days to make up for the frigid winter. I showed off my handmade necklace.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia 2010 year review
May: And for more showing off, here we have a thrown-together outfit with a $1 Moschino skirt. I'm ashamed to say this was the only time I wore it, but my mysterious weight loss continued and I grew even smaller.

June: Ah, the DIY Miu Miu knock-offs I was so proud of... another piece I've only worn once. Summer doesn't really allow for polyester-lined heels that make feet sweaty. Just saying.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia 2010 year review
July: Sweet, almost-too-hot July... how I miss you. I couldn't tolerate wearing anything remotely fussy, so I threw on this sleeveless dress and my favorite platform sandals. Two days after this, I went to the beach with some friends, went night swimming, and made awesome memories.

August: I wore this in the middle of my trip to Cape May - nothing's better than late-summer pink sunsets. Nothing. Except for the warmth that inevitably accompanies it!... even if I did have to put on a sweater a little later.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia 2010 year review
September: Ah, the day I went to New York by myself to speak at the Chictopia.10 conference - during which I was numbingly nervous, but it was an experience I couldn't have dreamed of last year.

October: One of the last days I wore bare legs... I've worn this outfit three times this year, and I still think it's one of my favorite combinations I've put together.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia 2010 year review
November: I wore this after my weekend trip to Rhode Island - it might appear sunny and perhaps a bit windy, but don't be fooled. It was cold.

December: Merely a few days ago, I've been waiting to finalize this post until I could decide upon my favorite outfit of this month. I've only worn this dress twice, but I love it so. Can we note that my hair has changed minimally throughout the year? Bravo for signature hairstyles. Unless, of course, I want change...

I have no idea what 2011 holds. Until June, I am a high school student - then by late summer, I'll be going off to school in an undetermined place. It's scary to think that I don't know where I'm going, but I need to remind myself that nothing happens overnight - it's all a gradual process, and if anything like past experiences, everything falls into place. Even if it's in a chaotic and awkward sort of way.

So here's goodbye to a year of growth and love, and hello to a year of mystery.

xox Catherine


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