And what a time it was.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Shirt (underneath) - Olive and Olivia, tank - Urban Outfitters, necklace - thrifted, cuff - antique, skirt - Target, leggings - Forever 21, boots - Doc Martens

I've been itching to try a collared shirt under a tank dress, but I have one of the former and no appropriate dresses. So, I pulled out this tank I haven't worn in a while and decided on this skirt after rummaging through my closet with the pressing of the clock. I wasn't so satisfied... the jersey skirt and boots felt a little odd. I'm thinking a dark gray woven cotton skirt would be best. Well, too late now.

My day has been ridiculously average. How was yours?

At least we've made it to Wednesday, right?

xox Catherine

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