The Arrangements of Andy & Debb spring 2011

Photo of 5 fashion models including Ksenia Malanova of Women Direct Management with black backdrop for Andy & Debb Spring 2011 Presentation New York Fashion Week

Happy Belated Christmas!
Sorry for lack of posts! i think my mind goes into vacation mode this time of year.
Did you all have a good holiday?
This year was one of the best Christmas' ever!
My mom surprised all of us with a gift that was the best ever!
She secretly found a company that could convert old tapes to DVD,
so she got all our home movies from when i was born up to when i was 5 years old on DVD!
You don't know how much fun it was sitting with my family watching those videos.
I really hadn't seen the videos before, it brought back so many memories...
So watch out! i think I'm going to make some short films & incorporate the old footage into them ;)

So the Photo today is from Andy & Debb Spring 2011.

This was the first full show that my brother David and I both had cameras to take pictures at.
We bought his camera a day earlier so, needless to say, we have a lot of pictures here!
There were alot of elements I loved about this show.
The color and the garment structure, but also I loved the arrangement of the models at the presentation.
I had a lot of fun walking around and playing around with the composition.
I especially love Ksenia Malanova's expression (the girl on the left hand side)
Oh and for Higher Res Click Here to go to my Image Diary

P.S. Also, I have been having trouble keeping up on Formspring, emails, etc. so what i thought could help is if my brother (who helps me alot) & i did a video question and answer. So if you want to post on the comment part below questions for me or my brother or even both of us and we will try to make a video for you all :)

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