A D A Y I N T H E C L O U D S .

(Miu Miu bikini, Vintage skirt, Gifted Toi Et Moi Cardigan)

Sometimes the crowds that gather on the beaches here can be quite overwhelming so the other morning Luke and i decided to get up super early to drive up the coast to find a little secluded beach of our own. The sky was beautiful and clear and there were those fluffy kind of clouds that are perfect for making objects and shapes, which is exactly how we spent the best part of our day whilst soaking up the sun. There were still a few confused on lookers who looked like they couldn't figure out why i was twirling around on the spot and if i knew there was someone taking photos of me at the same time, something that is quite the norm for Luke and i these days. I loved that the sand dunes were so high it made me look like i was actually dancing amongst the clouds. As a constant day dreamer who spends most of my day with my head in the clouds i couldn't of asked for a better backdrop. If only i could spend my days doing this more often :)


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