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So after three wonderful weeks together I have to say goodbye to little Miso today. Her parents returned home from Thailand yesterday so I've preparing myself for the sad goodbyes. We've been plotting ways to keep her and Luke's sister even suggested buying another ragdoll to give back to to our friends hoping they wouldn't notice, as all ragdoll cats look the same. What worries me the most is she was actually serious. It seems Luke is more attached than any of us and wants to be around her every second he can get. The other day he kept saying "You are just adorable" and when i replied he told me he was actually talking to the cat...

My friend Amanda from Here Comes The Sun came up with a little project called "Photobooth Friday" where you take photos on your mac to show what you've been up to during the week. I thought it was a wonderful idea because even though the quality of the photos are terrible it gives you an insight into somebody's world and makes it ten times more real, so photobooth Friday could not have fallen on a more perfect day! I was so happy to squeeze a few photos in to remember all the reasons why i absolutely love cats and i just can't wait to get one of my own. Besides, Luke just doesn't look this cute when he does this:


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