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Danny Roberts Plan Drawing of a Girl wearing a Black, Crown.

Hawai- Day 1-2

Hello hello my friends!!
Sorry for such a long absence.
Just got connected with a little thing called the "Internet"
I'm currently sitting in my cousin's house in Hawaii less than a hundred yards from the beach.
It's currently the end of day two here.
Yesterday was amazing; my cousin Dick and my bother and I went on a hike up these mountains behind their house.
Then we hiked to some Pill Boxes back from WW2, it was incredible to see.
i have a huge fascination with WW2 so it was amazing to see from there!
Then today we slept in a little (super jet lagged),
and then we ended up going into Honolulu to the Punchbowl Cemetery.
i was blown away at how insanely beautiful the memorial was...
so brilliant looking! From there we went over to Punahou School (where President Obama went to school)
and watch my cousin's water Polo game. which they destroyed the other team 14-1.
I posted images of the trip up on my Image Diary.
Click Here to see them

Oh so the picture today is a little character i made up on the flight over here.
i was listening to the New Fever Ray Album,
and this Dark Queen Arose in my head out of the music.
Not sure what to name her...
any ideas?
but i really like her vibe.
i hope you all are having a great day and i will keep you posted on the trip! :)

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