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Well, my friends, Merry Christmas!
I've got some good news for you...
First, crazy enough, today was my 400th Post!
haha That is so crazy...
Doesn't seem like i've posted that many times, but I have. :)

Well, so over the last few months, i have had the honor of Collaborating with the lovely people at Lancôme!
I was asked to make their Holiday cards.
So, i thought i would post the Holiday cards today!
There is more to come! Lancôme is a great company, and it was great working with them :)

Alrighty, the last bit of news is...
I will be taking a Two Week Break from Blogging.
Like i said, i've been pretty run down, sick, and worn out.
So, i decided to take two weeks off from everything,
and just rest up for the New Year.
So don't worry, I will be back posting on

January 6, 2010

Love you all and Merry Christmas!
P.S. Thank you so much Fashionista. You're seriously too nice.
i was really touched by your kind words!

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