Kaja Sokola - Character Sketch Book 212

Artist Danny Roberts Black and white painting portrait of Polish Model poland Kaja Sokola number 212 in igorandandre character sketch book

Hi Friends!
Well the week is almost to a close! (finally)
I'm so exhausted, been a few late ones over the last few weeks.
I've been editing a video, thought i would have it ready for you today,
but it looks like it's going to be up on Sunday!
I hope you like it. :)
The Mixed media painting today is from my Character Sketch Book.
It's of a Polish model who i really think has an interesting look...
her name is Kaja Sokola.
I drew Kaja awhile back, it was just a Scribble Sketch.
So i wanted to do a more polished picture this time around.
It was hard to find many images of her, but i really liked this one.
I'm looking forward to seeing more shoots with her.
I hope you like the painting :)
and hope you're having a great day!

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