Last day of February

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Cardigan - Urban Outfitters, necklace - DIY, bracelet - gift, top - Asos, skirt - vintage, boots - Doc Martens

I wore this yesterday. I decided to forgo tights/pants in general when I realized the temperature had already passed 50 degrees by 9am. Never mind that the forecast included heavy rain... I insisted on wearing a skirt, dammit.

I talk about the weather too much. I've been having several "bad hair days" lately, which fortunately do not affect my mood too much, but it's leaving me yearning for a little change. I'll probably end up just getting the same cut I usually get, perhaps with shorter bangs.

Silhouette Girl personal style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl personal style blog Philadelphia

I've decided this top is probably one of my favorites in my wardrobe. I always feel kind of ludicrous mentioning "my wardrobe"... since most of my clothes reside in awkward places throughout my room due to overall carelessness and the lack of motivation to clean my room. And those that do make it to the closet live in cramped quarters alongside pieces I rarely wear.

I'm thinking it's time to deep clean my room and closet.

xox Catherine

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