Lil Finn - Character Development Sketch

a Simple Character model development water color and pencil sketch by artist Danny Roberts of Igor and andre girl lil Finn

Hey Friends,
So today's painting is the first of hopefully a lot more character Development Sketches.
I've been working developing story ideas and trying to learn how to develop drawn characters.
A little while back i stumbled on to the character model sheets for Pinocchio,
and i was so inspired i though i would make some of my own.

This was my first attempt at developing a character named "Lil Finn".
Though i like how this water color sketch turned out, it's definitely not there yet.
Still trying to get the hang of all this!
But i really hope you like it! :)

Oh lastly, I wrote you all a song this weekend!
I think i will try to upload it for this Inspiration Friday! :)
Hope you're having a great day!
- d

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