Medicine for Sick & the Rained Upon

Well, my friends,
I'm sorry for no drawing today.
I'm kinda rundown and sick today,
so I'm laying low, about to cruise off to dreamland.
But i thought i'd post a video of my good friend Miss Christie Dupree (who is also currently sick! haah)
Christie and i have co-written and collaborated on a few songs together and are going to be doing some more soon.
Click Here to hear one of our songs :)
Well, today has been one of those freezing cold and stormy rain days (which i love),
and i stumbled on to this video of Christie playing one of her songs,
and i just felt like it fit the mood of today perfectly.
I hope you like it! :)

P.S. Doesn't she have the most amazing voice?! ;)
Check her music out at or follow her on twitter

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