Gray tank - Target, striped tank - random (my sister's), shorts - DIY cutoffs, belt - random, sneakers - Converse.

I went to a concert! ...this is obviously pre-show, considering I always get in the crowd and it ended up raining (it was outdoors). I saw Rancid for my second time. I'm a little bummed they didn't headline, and a little confused since everyone seems to have at least heard of them, but they were good.

Normally I find the shittiest clothes ever to wear to shows, and while this is far from extravagant, it's a little less simple than usual (for concerts). And it's basically what I've been wearing variations of for the past week. Oh, and I dyed my hair an auburn-ish color! I wish it had a little more gold tones in it, but I'm pretty satisfied.

My cuff kind of broke during the show, towards the end during the band I didn't even care about. Hm, seemed random, but I'm going to take it to a jewelry store in hopes they can fix it or something. Just because I love it far too much.

Oh, and my dog Sadie:

She's a golden retriever, she's a little silly, and she can roll over. I've never had a dog that could roll over before. She makes funny faces when someone pats her head. I like her.


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