I get my paycheck tomorrow, and my sour mood is lingering so I may try some retail therapy. I know that's a crappy answer to problems, but I'll ignore that... Anyway, Urban Og offers free shipping on orders over $50, and there's a few pairs of sandals I may want in addition to these. I've loved these ever since I saw them months ago on Gojane, and I finally encountered them again.

The thing is, they're basically legitimate stripper heels except they're a little less tacky. I admire those who can wear such high heels without looking the least bit trashy (Taghrid is my favorite example). They're 5" inches, and the platform is a whopping 1.75", which means the difference is only about 3.25" which really isn't much. And I think I could try to wear them with socks, a la Alexa Chung:

Alexa Chung platforms British flag @ Silhouette Girl
to break them in and tone them down.

I can't decide if it's worth it or not. I think I dress a little more maturely than some sixteen year olds, but at the same time I'm thinking "I'm sixteen, I never do anything that cool, why bother?"

This is what bad moods do to me...

Edit: oh, and there's these:

Miss Me Vina 4 Platforms @ Silhouette Girl

Still a little undecided on color, if I want them at all. They're less intense looking, but the heel is 5" and the platform is 1.25" so I'm imagining they'd hurt more.

OH, AND QUESTION - does anyone have miraculous things for wearing heels from Dr. Scholl's or such? I'd be grateful to hear any suggestions.

Photo cred: UrbanOg, knightcat.


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