Lazy day inspiration.

I hate cold weather and I'm sincerely dreading the end of summer and weather colder than 80 degrees. Everyone else is excited, but I can't find a single reason to be... except for trying to replicate this:

The comfy looking cardigan and tshirt (I'm a HUGE fan of Operation Ivy) are what do it for me. Maybe I'll actually give leggings a try. But oh, what I would do for a perfectly worn in Op Ivy tshirt. I just need to find some guy I can steal one from.

Trying to avoid getting ready for work by eating edamame and couscous. So delightful. xox Catherine

Photo cred: Weardrobe

PS I think I really want the shoes from my previous post, but I'm undecided on brown/tan vs gray. Hmmm...


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