S A M A N T H A .

(Vintage Dress/Bag, Thrifted Jumper, Sass & Bide Belt, Samantha Wills Ring/Earrings, Asos Boots)

I haven't worn earrings in so long that I nearly forgot my ears were pierced, and it takes a while for your earlobes to having any sort of weight dangling from them. These matching stone pieces are from the new Samantha Wills collection and I love how the neutral tones seem to work too well into my wardrobe at the moment. I've been a little obsessed with wearing light colours on light colours and if it was freezing I probably have worn a off white coat with this too! I don't like to pigeonhole winter as being the season of dark colours but maybe that's because I don't actually own a lot of black? Keeping it light and leaving the dark colours to walls in the background or my never changing hair colour. Can't imagine how epic this would look if I was platinum blond. Also added a touch of space cadet to what is quite a feminine outfit with this rose gold Sass & Bide belt and layered this jumper over another jumper and a pleated dress just to try and keep warm!


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