Arrival of the shoes.

Tank tops - Target and Old Navy (, jeans - Delia's, shoes - Modcloth, jewelry - various

(...and I'll identify the bag sitting there, it was a freebie at Bath and Body Works and I've kept it in my locker all year. My school stuff is still in there)

And before I continue, a closeup of my new shoes:

I've been in a constant good mood lately. I'm hopeful. It's really nice for a change. Instead of moping around I've been doing... well, I'm doing my best to live my life. And these shoes didn't stop me from doing anything today! I went to see the Proposal with my friend, and it was actually very good. Some parts made me laugh hysterically and others made me cry.

Anyway, I'll just leave it at that. Hoping you're all well xox Catherine

Edit: I've walked a little bit earlier, and I took a walk around my neighborhood while wearing these shoes. They're barely uncomfortable, especially for being new heels.


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