Deep In Summer's Eye.

Tshirt - H&M, dress - flea market, shoes - Dolce Vita, necklace - mom's, bracelet - flea market.

I clearly had a little fun taking pictures today! Finally wearing the dress I bought at the flea market! It's surprisingly very comfortable. I love it. I wore a tshirt underneath because I didn't feel like exposing my shoulders because that's such a scandalous thing to do (I'm just kidding/mocking my school). All I did was run a few errands, but I promised myself I'd dress up today just because I can. I never want summer to end. Ever. The weather is glorious, I'm free... and well, you get the picture.

And some silly photos, just for fun:

So... I got another gift card so I can purchase the gray heels from this post. I'm getting less and less cautious with my purchases, but I still have to think each item through before I buy it. I hate impulse buys. And I went to the mall yesterday and tried on Madewell jeans. I think I may want a pair eventually, perhaps a few paychecks from now? Haha.

I hope you're all well, having awesome days, and enjoying summer.
xox Catherine


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