LOVIN my Chalkboard...

I've been seeing a lot more 'chalkboards' in design magazines & online. I admit I LOVE this trend so much I had to get one for myself. BUT I didn't want to go out & buy one (usually have to get it custom made) so, I decided to do a DIY- with a little man power on the painting and sanding! Anyhow, the wood I used was a 2'x6' laminated piece of pine that cost me $18 at Home Depot. I then used black 'chalkboard paint' by Rustoleum (comes in black or a choice of 12 other colors). The end result is in this photo below hanging in a corner area of my kitchen!

My results weren't as smooth. It would've been smoother if I had used liquid nails & glue a sheet of HDF (high density fiberboard) to the top of the pine board. Then paint that instead of the wood. But, In the end, the way I did it, saved me $$$ & still looks pretty good don't you think ???

No, that is NOT my kid, this photo above is from Emma Cassi's home - via La La Lovely Blog) : )

*(This photo above was my initial inspiration).

P.S. I couldn't resist, I had to have the Union Jack smacked onto it. My boy, Danny wanted to be in this shot as you can see.

* I also bought this cute vintage framed chalkboard from Blue Bell Bazaar on Etsy. This one will go in my office so I can write all the things I need to do! Great way to 'NOT' waste paper!

So, what do you think about this chalkboard trend? Would you place one in your home? Do you think it would be beneficial in anyway to you?


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