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Silhouette Girl personal style fashion

Necklace - thrifted, shirt - Olive and Olivia, bracelet - gift, skirt - H&M, sandals - Madewell

An outfit post!... after nearly two weeks. I'm going to a local coffee shop's open mic night - something I used to do every week with my friend Tracey, but haven't recently. The last time I went was during March, if I remember correctly. I'm in the mood for some fresh-made hummus! Yum.

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion

I ended up purchasing the Rachel Comey shoes, $119 (down from $198) from Generra, a New York brick and mortar store with an online shop (currently having a great sale!). They seem comfortable enough for commuting to classes, etc. and I just seem to prefer heels. Poorly made flat shoes are terribly uncomfortable. The end.

Hearing about the London riots over the past week has been crazy, and quite worrisome since I leave in a little over two weeks. I have so much to do before my departure. It's all very overwhelming right now. Just the thought of leaving has my head spinning. I'm more excited than anxious, but imagining saying goodbyes and boarding the plane are... weird.

I suppose to distract myself from the heavier parts - school, financial issues, etc. - I've been daydreaming about exploring the city and as much as Europe as my schedule allows. I'm tempted to purchase a new lens, which in my opinion, would be a worthwhile investment (vs. yet another pair of shoes, perhaps), but I cannot decide. I prefer lenses with large apertures to allow great depth of field, but I think if I do go for it, I'll choose a zoom lens so I won't have to run back and forth trying to get a perfect shot. While my 50mm lens serves me very well for outfit photos, it doesn't autofocus on my camera, which isn't ideal for sightseeing. My 18-55mm lens is a little beaten up. Sigh.

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion

I still want to fit in a day trip to the beach during my quickly-dwindling summer. Sigh.

xox Catherine

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