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gifted T-post tee, vintage sequin tube dress, vintage thrifted leather vest, Aldo boots

This is exactly what I love fashion for. This is what I love about the design industry.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is T-post, one of the most epic things I have come across in some time.
So what is it you ask? It's the first wearable magazine.
for reals.

So when you subscribe to T-post, you get a new t-shirt every 5 weeks with an offbeat news article printed on the inside with a corresponding illustration on the front by a unique artist. Every shirt is different and every shirt is limited edition, which is super cool.

My shirt here is a back issue designed by Matt Furie and has an article that covers and discusses the effects of technology on human evolution since it seems that we have become dependent on our computers for keeping information rather than remembering phone numbers, birthdays and other various contact info. Are we destined to become different creatures in the next thousand years? Check out the article here

For more information, I strongly suggest you check out their website: LINK!

In the meanby, I'll be waiting by my mailbox for the next article. I never need a new T-shirt ever again!


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