I cannot believe how excited i got when i finally saw some pictures of alexa chung's collection for madewell from new york fashion week today. Well actually, that's a lie, i can believe it! I have been impatiently waiting to see it since it was announced last year that she would be collaborating with Madewell, a brand nearly as chic as alexa herself, and was not at all disappointed with what i have seen. The mixture of school prep with nudes, frills, peter pan collars meets british rock star is in every way desirable and something i would happily wear every day of the week. This is by far one of my favorite collaborations i have ever seen and cannot wait to get my hands on some of her beautiful coats for winter, she'll be giving kate moss a run for her money...

Oh alexa, why do you always get it so right!?

{photos from: liebemarlene vintage.}


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