Chris Benz Fall 2010 Was Amazing!

Model Alina posing, and a group of models Olga Sherer and Eleonora Serpi sitting hanging out Backstage at Chris Benz Makeup by Lancome

Beautiful portrait of models Nikole Ivanova and  Aida Aniulyte BackStage Fall 2010 Chris Benz
Christina b in a bright purple Fur Hat and a knit dress from Chris Benz new York Fashion Week Collection
Mono Tone Portrait of Masha Kirsanova in For Fall 2010 Chris Benz Collection

Emma Dumont and bibi Pose in the Fall 2010 Collection by Chris Benz
Two Pretty Models Sitting in Bright Colors BackStage at Chris Benz Fashion Collection photo by Danny Roberts
Artist Danny Roberts Live Sketch Of Gwen Lu & Olga Sherer during Chris Benz Show
Danny Roberts Picture of Ataui Deng, Aida Aniulyte, And Nikole Ivanova in Chris Benz Fall 2010 Collection

Well my Friends,
Sorry for the post delay.
It's been crazy! Been trying to finish up deadlines, and been sorting through images, video, etc.
and been feeling a little run down, and kind of sick today...
On top of that, I shot camera raw for the first time ever for my trip,
and there has been a weird computer compatibility!
But i finally got finished sorting through the hundreds and hundreds of images from the Chris Benz Show!

Ok, so first off, the Chris Benz Show was the first real show that i've got to go backstage!
I have to say, I hope next season I get to do that alot more,
cause I got so many great images back there that I'm just dying to Paint Now!
I think it would have been pretty funny if you could have seen my face back there!
I think i had a ear to ear grin. I was like a kid in a candy shop! haha
It was magical to see everything getting setup, the models getting prepared, the makeup artist hard at work.
Oh! Which speaking of makeup artists, i got to meet the great YouTube makeup artist Michelle Phan!
It's awesome that Lancome just signed her as a makeup artist for them.
It was great talking with her, and it was really interesting to hear her studies and background in school was in Fine Art. :)

Well, i think you can probably tell just by the pictures above how fun Chris Benz collection was.
I think it was maybe the brightest, fun collection of New York Fashion Week,
and definitely a top 5 Favorite of the Week, (which i will be outlining my top 5 collections of NYFW really soon!)
There was something about it that reminded me of Dr. Seuss's "Whoville"!

Maybe it was the Bright Who Colors
Or the beautiful girls who stood out among the others,
I'm really not sure why it happened to be,
That the Girls of Whoville were staring back at me!

Hahaha Sorry for my pathetic Dr. Seuss rhyme!
But I seriously loved every element of the collection,
The Fur hats and the Long Dr. Seuss Fur Gloves.
The Beautiful Sequins & the Bright Candy Colors.
It was such a warm and playful collection.
I'm always a fan of Big Bright Fall Collections.
The winter is so dark and semi-monotone,
so i love how bright garments look with the grey sky as the backdrop.

Since i took more pictures than i could probably put on line,
I ended up splitting the post into two posts on my Image Diary.
Click Here if you want to see it! :)
And i hope you are having an incredible day!

Oh! Thank you Kerry, Lancome, & Chris Benz! I had the best time at the Presentation! :)

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