I'm off to NYC tomorrow for something that I have to keep secret
...I know,I suck

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the belt can double as a wrist wrap, which is pretty neat
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Thrifted Jcrew silk top , Thrifted Jcrew button-down ,Kimchi & Blue cashmere cardigan,Thrifted jeans,vintage shoes,vintage leather belt

Here's a new cool and awesome feature on Weardrobe that you should check out 'cause it's cool and awesome:

((the jeans I'm wearing here are from Indidenim, a totally groovy custom jean company))

So my beloved (the folks responsible for the NYC Bloggers' Conference) has this nifty new feature

My girl Krystal got it down:

Not only can you upload and cataloge your own style photos and closet items, but now you can actually shop via their site, as they recently partnered with, an online shopping site that gives you similar item suggestions from a wide variety of retailers.

In other news, I've been featured on, trés nifty!

But there is some sad news today as well.

Daul Kim, a remarkably talented model, blogger, artist, and style icon has died at the age of 20.
She leaves behind an incredible body of work, and she will be missed

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To get a glimpse of how she was, check out her totally hilarious and charming antics on her fashion week video coverage for New York Magazine


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