First Magazine Cover!

This is Danny Roberts First Magazine Cover

Audrey Hepburn in my fair Lady!

My oh my, hello friends!
How is your day going?
Mine was great! Besides the fact that i'm home sick,
I saw "My Fair Lady" for the first time today.
Yet again, i fell in love with Audrey Hepburn...
Seriously, what the !?! She was incredible in that movie!
It's left me sitting here thinking over that movie, replaying the scenes.... So Good!

Also, I just got back the Cover i did for Oxygen Magazine!
i'm excited to finally show you all it!
It's kinda uncanny how my drawing's neckline is so similar to this picture of Audrey.
haha So fun. Yes, thanks again for all the love on the Valentine post.
I ended up setting up one of those Etsy Account...
Finally, i have a few originals up for sale.
Also, i put up some other prints.
Also, i plan on getting some lower price range prints up,
just been trying to figure out how to do it,
but don't worry, hopefully it will be up soon.
If you want to check out the store Click Here


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