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(Ellery top, Gifted American Apparel Pants, Topshop Shoes)

Just a few (or perhaps only two) photos of what i wore to my best friends surprise birthday last week. In between frantically running around trying to buy enough food for everyone, catering to a party and making sure we actually got the birthday girl there, i was left with very little time to put together an outfit let alone take photos of it too. I opted for a pair of American Apparel pants which are an unusual colour i seem to absolutely love. Bottle green is not the easiest colour to style but for some reason it gave me a chance to finally wear my Ellery top, which is just another piece i find hard to pair with anything else. I think because i wear pants when i'm working during the day you'll rarely find me wearing them when i'm going out. Being a creature of comfort i should have known how quickly i'd start incorporating pants into my night life wardrobe and how perfect they would be for the night festivities, which may have ended up being a few of us climbing to a lookout overlooking the ocean at 2am in the morning or rolling around the kitchen with Luke.. on a large exercise ball.. eating pink frosted cupcakes.. ?? Surprisingly my top survived the obscure night as well!

In more exciting news, my backdrop arrived today so the rest of the week has been put aside for a four day photo shoot! I started uploading the new accessories to the web store yesterday and it all of a sudden hit me how real this all is but also how much i still have to do. I can only pray that i'll have time to blog leading up to the launch. It's not very far away now!

And please don't forget to enter our Schmooks giveaway too! Entries close tonight and we'll be drawing the lucky seven winners a few minutes after! Another giveaway is on it's away and will be announced either tomorrow or the next. Good luck everyone :)))


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