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Cardigan - Urban Outfitters, top - Anthropologie, necklace - thrift, cuff - antique, belt - vintage, skirt - Urban Outfitters, leggings - Forever 21, boots - Dr. Martens

Didn't take many photos today, so I didn't have many options. Kind of unsatisfied with my bored/tired facial expressions, but hey, what can we do! I desperately want to cut my hair, but I'm figuring I'll wait until spring since I've realized this little bit keeps me warm. Kind of. I just never feel like putting the effort into doing my hair.

I guess my infection isn't completely gone, since I've been ridiculously tired all this week. I'm trying to find activities to keep myself occupied so I won't fall asleep on the sofa... perhaps I'll do some laundry, make food, maybe invite someone over.

I've recently been thinking about being genuine, and how I almost feel like I've been putting on a front on my blog. I'm awkward. I'm sarcastic. I run my mouth, but other times I barely speak. I'm occasionally witty, and I laugh too much. I feel like none of this can really be conveyed through written words... besides my sarcasm. But even that, I think I've skimped on it sometimes. If I'm writing for just me, I will write whatever I please, but when I write knowing that there is some sort of audience, it ends up feeling forced. I can't get hung up on how others might perceive me. I just can't - I shall not allow it.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia

Half way through the week, hurrah!

xox Catherine


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