Having all the answers, still failing the test.

Blazer - Silence and Noise, lace cardigan - vintage courtesy my mom, tshirt underneath - Pacsun, jeans - H&M, sneakers - Keds via Chictopia

Check out these sweet Keds that were in the gift bags at the Chictopia10 conference. I can't even tell you how fabulous my time was - such a fun experience! I'll have a lot of free time in the near future (I'll be posting the pictures soon!), considering I got fired from my previous job. And there was a huge lack of respect in the process from higher ups, but I'll move on. I just need to find a new place to work now! Any suggestions?

I took a peek in my mom's closet before and came across this pretty cardigan, but didn't take it... though I asked her on Monday if I could browse through her closet, and came out with a cardigan and a vintage Yves Saint Laurent belt. My aunt used to work at the boutique that used to be in Philadelphia, but it has since closed. So yeah, there's pieces hanging around in my mom's closet!

I'm thinking I'll spend my weekend baking delicious vegan treats to soothe myself, and I get to go to my art class on Saturday morning! Despite yesterday's problems, I'm trying to keep my head up. 31 days until spring!

xox Catherine


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