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Excuses for infrequent posting:
-College application essays
(can't wait 'till I'm done with theseee!)
-Lack of a feeling of creativity
-More college apps
-Photobucket hates me (ARGH MY BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED)


Picnik collage

I was outrageously fortunate to have the opportunity to model in a local fashion event called
Mass Appeal in which I donned a piece from the line Dazzle Me Formal & was made to look totally badass (I couldn't help but think of YSL fall 2008 when they gave me black lipstick).



Since Buffalo isn't really a center for fashion like, oh say, Toronto (only 2 hours away!), it has been really hard for me to find consistent modeling work even though I have an agency & I've worked with many photographers in the area. Modeling has been an amazing source of connection to the fashion industry for me, so I can't help but feel a passion and love for a modeling job whenever an opportunity comes my way.

As a born and raised New Yorker having only lived in Buffalo for 4 years now, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised to find out that this event allowed me to see a new side of the Buffalo, one that I hadn't thought existed. I mean, Buffalo isn't exactly a fashion mecca, but it's full of creative, fashionable, diverse and realistic people when it comes to style. Oh, and did I mention that Adam Lippes of ADAM is from these parts? All-in-all, I met some wonderful people, got to spread news of my blog a bit, party it out, and managed to not smudge my black lipstick in the process.

By the way, you should check out my awesome friend Matt's blog 'cause he's cool & can rock a black bar on his eye like nobody's business.

In other news...
The weather we are experiencing here is totally not normal for November usually by now we're getting a little bit of snow or it's at least below 50º but it's been in the high 50's-60's lately I'm certainly not complaining :]

Picnik collage

It's amazing what a few pins will do to a crappy acrylic hat :]

Acrylic hats
Jacket-UO (thrifted)
Tank-Hurley (via men's section)
Shorts-DIY'd Delia*s


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