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A little off topic but i wanted to introduce you all to the little kitten I'm catsitting at the moment called Miso. My friends are in Thailand for three weeks so i jumped at the opportunity to mind her while they are away. I've always been a bit of a cat fanatic but seeing as i couldn't have one of my own i opted to cover my office and bedroom in vintage ceramic cats and lights instead. Miso is a ragdoll and the cutest little thing i've ever seen. She paws at my head in the morning to try and wake me up and if this fails she'll either sleep on my head or curl up into a ball and sleep next to my head. It seems she loves human contact and attention so much she'll even try to sleep on my keyboard or lap when I'm working. She's actually sleeping on my lap right now.. Sigh, my perfect kind of cat. After years of fighting with myself and how not practical it is to have a cat at this age - with living out of home, traveling, expenses etc - i've finally caved and decided to get one of my own. Two little Miso's running around and pawing at my face? Oh yes, I can't wait!


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