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I’m back & excited to announce the NEW LAUNCH of my site! With all the environmental problems happening these days, I’ve decided to head into a totally different direction with my business. Even though I’m selling the last few tables, I’ve decided that a greener approach would be a smarter way to go. I like helping people and if spreading the word through my designs can bring even more awareness to the public on the global warming issues, then that is what I want to do. I’m launching a line of Greeting Cards, which I like to call ‘Eco-friendly designer cards’.

Please take a look at the site and let me know what you think. All cards are printed on 100% recycled quality over stock. It’s all about COLOR , emotions and care. If anyone is interested in featuring some of my cards or prints in their blog, pls to write to me at:

Have an amazing TURKEY DAY!


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