Oh Yea... Did Yawl See McQueen?

Danny Roberts Painting of the Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 collection

First off, i have to say, i was completely touched by all your warm and encouraging comments on the last post!
Seriously, means alot! So thank you, thank you :)
Ok. So, did yawl see the Alexander McQueen Show??
How insane was that!?
In my life, I want to...

A) Attend an Alexander McQueen show
B) Collaborate with him on a project!

Basically, i was blown away by this collection!
So, when picking out which collections to paint for Paris Fashion Week coverage for Sundance Channel,
i had to paint something from this collection.
I really like how it turned out and crazy enough,
a week after i finished this piece, Bryan Boy twitted a link to a picture of a beautiful girl named Camilla Belle.
Oh, and guess which dress she was sporting???
Yep, this one!
It was fun seeing her wearing it.
I hope you like it!

Oh, also, my friends have been trying to get me on Facebook for a while... and i always fought it,
and my friend Ryan has been fighting getting a Twitter account,
and yesterday, he got a twitter account....
So, i broke down today and created a Facebook account.
If you want to add me as a friend, Click Here!

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