Pink Holiday Style...

December is approaching quickly don't you think?? This month is flying by & the Holidays are almost here! I love X'mas time, especially when I used to live in NYC...when it would snow outside. Living in Vegas, I ain't so lucky...but not having snow can have its advantages, obviously. NO more digging my car out from a snow cave! What a pain in the A** that was!
OK...enough snow talk, I found this photo & it reminded me of one of the cards available via my shop. The pink reindeer. I really like to experiment with colors & I think there is too much Green & Red floating around during this time of year, don't you??

The reason I chose pink for this particular card was because I wanted it to be be girly, without your typical Holiday colors. Something different, and apparently I'm not the only one from the looks of this photo (above) I found on: Purple Area Blog.

Enjoy! Be back soon with another post!


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