I got a haircut you guys! yaaaay!


Marc Girl
My Marc by Marc bag! Straight outta Beacon's Closet, yo

Whenever I travel, I try to always keep something on me that keeps me closer to my loved ones. In many a case, it is this gold necklace with a monogram of my name designed by my mom (she's a graphic designer), and a glass pendant that my grandmother picked up for me on a trip she took to Venice.

collageforstuffOhh yes, different occasion (in this case, thanksgiving dinner), similar outfit to....

After returning from New York City, I got right back on the saddle & headed off to my aunt's house in Cape Cod, and I gotta say, it was a lovely place to celebrate Thanksgiving

The Weather was funny though..on one particular walk down the main road, the sun would come out...

Picnik collage ...and then it'd hide under a cloud or five
Picnik collage
Nope! No temperature tinting via iphoto here!Aviators-Ray Ban, Sweater- Lucky Brand (Thrifted), Denim Vest- Gap (Thrifted), Maxi Dress-Target, Flats-FS NY (via Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg)

More than ever, I feel grateful for this blog, and everyone who stops by and maybe finds inspiration or incentive to try something new. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Now, before I get too mushy, I need to crank some Zeppelin & finish what's left of the chips from the airport...


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