Saskia de Brauw in Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2011

The Profile of DNA Model Management girl, Saskia de Brauw walking in Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2011 Runway show in New York Fashion Week surrounded by black silhouettes Picture by Danny Roberts

Well I'm excited to share with you today the pictures i took at Narciso Rodriguez.
It was another interesting show for me when it came to taking pictures.
Both my brother and i were seated towards the middle in the back of the venue (which always makes it a little tough to take pictures). Once i saw it was going to be hard to get more traditional garment pictures,
i decided to change tactics and shoot a little more artsy pictures of the collection.
Since the Collection was very structured and symmetrical with very clean cut lines through the garments,
i thought it would be interesting to take the photos high grain, and let the audience create formless vignettes.
I like how the pictures turned out.
Wish i could post huge full res pictures.
They are really interesting and beautiful. They kind of look like charcoal sketches. ;)

If you want to see high res version of these pictures, go to my Image Diary.

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