The Boy and The Girl

Danny Roberts Painting of the Lovers

Hello friends!
Thanks for the all the great Audrey Hepburn movie suggestions!
I think i'm going to sit down and watch every one of them. :)
i'm serious, i was so inspired after My Fair Lady
all i wanted to do was paint and think and then paint some more.

Today was great; finished up a few mini projects,
also got a valentine order today, so was getting a Valentine ready to ship out,
which was quiet fun. Oh, also, i did this painting tonight. i hope you like it.
i don't know, there is something about it that makes me smile.

Oh!! Lastly, i finally mixed the song i wrote with my good friend Christie Dupree!
I wrote the music and she wrote the lyrics and sang it.
i've been writing a fairytale story in my head for years,
and the characters are based on people in my own life.
Christie's character's name is Camille Queen of the Trees,
so that's what the song is about.
Hope you like it!
i'm off to dream land!

EDIT: Christie just Joined the Blogging Community!!!!!!
go check out her blog!


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