The Chictopia 10 Social Influence Summit + After Party

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Well, good afternoon my friends,
Finally sorted the pictures into the right folders,
and now been making my way through the folders and picking out the images i like! ;)
Ok! So, my time in New York...
where do i begin?
Well, on the first full day in New York,
My brother & I headed out to the Chictopia 10.
For those who know me,
you know i'm deathly afraid of public speaking.
I'm so terrified of public speaking that in high school
i would not go to school the days of speeches so i wouldn't have to give the speech.
So with that said, i've been excited, but nervous for the Chictopia Summit.
Luckily, i was on a panel with Taghrid Chaaban & Liz Cherkasova who were both wonderful.
It took me till about the end of the discussion to start relaxing.
Thank you, all who were there and thank you for your kind words and great questions.
After our panel was done, Rebecca The Clothes Horse and Judy Aldridge of Atlantis Home ( Jane of Sea of Shoes' mom) came on as the second panel.
It was a wonderful discussion, super interesting.
The Summit was a great success!
It was full of fascinating discussions, and it was wonderful meeting all of you & great hanging out
and catching up with alot of you i haven't seen in way too long of a time!
I wish we could have stayed there way longer cause it was so good seeing you all.
After that my friend Jenna Sauers (Jezebel) & Ryan & Alice, and Dan & Rhetta met up with us at the Chictopia Afterparty.
We had such a good time!
It was definitely one of the highlights on the trip.
i hope you like the pictures, more are coming :)

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