The Loud was Silenced...

Danny Roberts carrying his Love Josette past creatures in the underground forest
The Back of honed creatures trying to attach Danny Roberts and Josette
Josette and Mr. Roberts Journey to the underground forest

Sorry i spaced on giving you all the info on the song.
There was a request for the lyrics on the song.
Also, i forgot to tell you i wrote the music and Katy wrote and sang the lyrics,
based on the painting i did. (above)
If you want to hear some more of her music Click Here

The Loud was Silenced...

Verse 1
Her Feet are Tired On the Soggy Ground
This Place is Quiet not a Single Sound
Her Body is Folding
Folding Oh So Thin
the Flower its poison
Poison seeps within

Verse 2
What is this inside of me
i can not see
i can not see
oh What is this inside of me
i can not lalalalaaaa

Verse 3

(Main Vocal)
She's Slipping Slipping Slipping
from the Poison, Poison, Poison
She's Folding, Folding, Folding
from the Poison, Poison, Poison

(Second Vocal)
We're Gonna make it together

(Third Vocal)
Please Please let us through
She will not make it
If we don't get there soon, soon
I will hold her Tight
We're Gonna make it
Through this Dark Night
Through this Dark Night


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