I'm quite obsessed with her style. I love how well she dresses down, it doesn't look frumpy at all. She's probably shorter than I am, but she certainly doesn't look it!

My day was pretty interesting. The power went out in school and I couldn't tolerate the fact that they didn't let us out early, so I got an early dismissal. It was so windy! I saw a trampoline in a tree, that was pretty funny. I took a nap after I got home and I had the strangest dream ever. It's still creeping me out, actually.

I believe I'm going into Philly tomorrow, but I don't plan on buying anything because I'm broke for the most part, as usual. Still, it's nice to have a day off and what not.

Oh, and I'm terrible at titles. I wish I could think of catchy names, but I cannot.


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