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Creative workplaces are impressive and if I worked in an environment that was this creative, I'd be inspired to excel twice as much! So does this type of environment inspire employees and in turn lead the company to a higher level of success? Well, perhaps. I mean its no secret that companies like 'Google', 'Pixar', 'Urban Outfitters' and many others are doing so well in this shaky economy. The office cubicle we know so much about has become boring and uninspiring, I mean when was the last time you heard someone say they were inspired by the architectural design within their office???....

I think architects that once thought the outside was the most important part of the structure of a building are re-thinking things. You have these companies like Google who hire architects to concentrate on the interior and consider the practices of an organization as an essential prerequisite for upcoming design briefs....

At companies like Pixar, designers are allowed to design their work place as they wish. At Red Bull in London, they have an indoor slide so employees can slide from one floor to another as you can see in the picture at the top of this post. In the successful Google offices, engineers and developers have full freedom. Not only can bicycles be found on premises but dogs and cats are quite usual. Now how's that for cool ? Do you think office designs such as these would help you excel in your work place? More of this at:
Smashing Magazine.


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