Holiday Feast

I was at a Christmas party last night (my boyfriend's company party) and there was so much food! I started to snap pictures to post on my blog and I got strange looks from people who were wondering what I was doing. So, I explained that it was for my blog and that readers like to see these sort of shots. They found it interesting. At the party I tried to curb my eating a bit, sticking mostly to veggies & potatoes and of course a teeny slice of coconut cake, as you can see in the picture above with the cute BLUEBERRY accents!

Many of us LOVE to eat a lot during the Holidays and then we end up regretting it in the early part of the NEW YEAR, so I didn't want to do that. I mean I have a STATIONERY SHOW to attend in May and I have to look my best! LOL I'd like to wish you all a
HAPPY HOLIDAY AND A HEALTHY NEW YEAR! A BIG thanks to the cooks behind the party! * Please remember to Recycle and start making those small changes in your home to reduce the environmental effects.

P.S. Make sure to check out for the newest designs coming after the Holidays!


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