How to live large on LESS....City Chic (Book Review)

With the economy affecting so many of us these days, it sucks to have to worry about even the smallest of purchases! A few years ago, we never used to worry this much, remember?? So, this is where this lovely book, City Chic, comes in, sent to me by Source Books....thanks! So, all of us modern women want to live nicely & be able to afford the things we have worked for right?? This book talks about how money may be an object, but it shouldn't be an obstacle.
With plenty of tips & tricks for:
  • Home Decorating (big ideas for small places)
  • Cash saving culinary tips and price saving pantry ideas.
  • Behind the seams: Shopping, tailoring & dry-cleaning , DIY style.
  • Go Green: Save the environment & your checking account
  • How to use the web to your advantage
  • How to creatively cheat at looking chic
  • and much more!!
Plain & simple, City Chic by Nina Wildorf, is an insider's guide on how to squeeze the most style out of a small salary! I read this book this past weekend & recommend it! Get your copy here. ($14.99).


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