Something different... (Interview)

I've always thought you could learn a lot about someone by their photos. Well not always, sometimes we could be posing or trying to compose things to represent a certain image etc. right? Well, this is 'TRULY' me. To learn even more about me, I've decided to let my production manager interview me. We'll refer to him as 'PM' for now.

PM: Whats a normal day like for you?
JEN: It depends on the day, but usually on the weekdays most is spent online marketing my business, networking with other individuals in my related field, running errands, stop at Starbucks for a quick coffee, workout, cook, do housework (never ending it seems). I spend a lot of time with my dogs because I work mostly from home, so they appreciate the company. But, I do take my work with me on the road sometimes (Macbook Pro).!

PM: Mac or PC?
I used to own a PC for a few years, but have gotten a Macbook Pro and haven't looked back since.

PM: Love or hate?
LOVE of course!

PM: Name 4 artist in your Ipod
Cat Power, Glen Hansard, Mr. North, The Cardigans..

PM: Last Vacation you took?
In September 2007 when I visited Hawaii for the first time.

PM: Tell us about your business (Madebygirl).

MadeByGIRL is a paper goods company. We sell fun and colorful recycled greeting cards & some digital prints (which aren't recycled, but looking toward that in the near future) Anyone with info on a company that can help me with that pls get in touch. All the products on Madebygirl are designed by myself. The business began with the idea of spreading Environmental Awareness to everyone who purchases- by encouraging people to recycle the cards instead of just tossing them. We post awareness posts every now and then on our blog and hope to do even more of that. We also donate a % of sales to or
Global Green USA.

PM: Favorite quote?

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" by Alan Kay

PM: What is your dream day?
Sitting in a coffee house in Paris or London with a design magazine and a few books to read.

PM: Name 4 things that you like in a person.
Honesty, loyalty, sense of humor, strength.

PM: What is your goal for your business?
My goal is to grow my business and still be happy doing what I do. I hope to inspire others in the process, whether it be in an environmental way or inspire them to start their own business.

PM: What drives you?
Drive is so important to me. I'm driven sometimes out of fear, weird huh? But it works for me. Drive also comes from feeling inspired as well as a need to feel accomplished every day.

PM: Name a pretty song.
"Communication" by The Cardigans.

PM: Whats your favorite food?
Lately I've been eating lots of guacamole and chips. The chips I eat are gluten free and made from flaxseed, and they're so good! But my favorite food is Italian.

PM: Name something you can't resist.
Dark Chocolate & true love...

PM: What is your favorite item in your shop?
Oooh thats difficult because I'm so proud of all my designs. But, I'd have to say from the greeting cards, my favorites are the Union Jack and from the Digital Prints my fave is the ABC Love print. (Pictured above)

PM: When you watch tv, what do you watch?
'The BIG Idea' with Donnie Deutsch & Millionaire Matchmaker. Also love CNN- Anderson Cooper 360. (He's sooo cute!)

PM: Looking forward to?
Exhibiting at the National Stationery show in NYC on May 18-22.

PM: Why are you studying Graphic Design, yet already have a Greeting card business?
Because I can. j/k. Its real simple, I truly believe in having a back up plan in case something doesn't pan out. Its a lot of work to manage both my business and be in school right now, but I haven't given up and have done quite well so far, thank God! I know a lot of graphics, I am self-taught...however, I want the credentials.

PM: How often do you update your blog?
Almost every day.

PM: Any advice to anyone looking to start their own business but doesn't know how to take that first step?
One of the most important lessons I learned early on was that I had to do research, research, research. If you want to start a company its essential to email & call others that are within the same field. Email them first, ask them how they got started, what equipment they use, what manufacturers, etc. I'd start with very small businesses, so don't go emailing Hallmark and expecting an in depth response anytime soon. Don't ask too many questions, some of these biz owners may not have a lot of time, so start with 3 or 4 questions then email someone else. Some people may never even respond so don't be discouraged. Anything thats so easily attainable isn't worth having in my opinion. Contact several manufacturers and ask about prices and quantities etc. compare prices. Don't spread yourself too thin, this one is very important. Some people want to start and they want to sell too many different types of things. Concentrate on a few items at first, then when the money starts rolling in, perhaps think of expanding. LAST thing, know who your market is and focus on those people, don't give up.


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