Winter Break, Part I

So my friends in NYC called me over the weekend & were like, "The weather is absolutely lovely! It went up to 57º on Saturaday!"
"Oh, really?"says I, huddling next to the radiator, watching 6 inches of snow come falling from the sky.

Yes, it is indeed winter break, and it sure as hell feels like it.
I spent my day finishing up the last pages in my wonderful new book on the Marchesa Luisa Casati (1881-1957) who famously declared, "I want to be a living work of art."

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(all photos except for middle one courtesy of Abrams Books)

She served as a muse for many artists in the early twentieth century, parading around Rome and Paris in the most amazing, extravagant ensembles accompanied by lavish exotic pets.

Remember Dior haute couture spring/summer 1998 and the autumn/winter 2008 Bal des Artistes haute couture collection for Dior? John Galliano has frequently quoted La Marchesa Casati as one of his main inspirations in his collections.

I loved this book by Scot D. Ryersson and Michael Orlando Yaccarino. There was this wonderful introduction by Diane von Furstenberg that really captured my imagination. It's kind of amazing how this woman still continues to inspire artists in & out of the fashion world to this day. I highly suggest reading up on this wonderful woman.




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Vintage dress, F21 shawl, thrifted jacket, F21 heels, vintage sunglasses

please excuse the moody expressions, I totally didn't mean it :D
These vintage sunglasses are My dad found them in an antique shop, and they even come in the original case for the early part of the century.
I don't wear them very often however since they look kinda funky on me, but eh, today I figured what the hell

I'm off to work on my partay dress


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